I fell in love with photography watching the way dust danced in light and flipping through my grandparents’ epic stacks of National Geographic Magazines. As a kid, I’d save up my allowance to buy film for old cameras and continually experiment with creating art.

There is something incredibly grounding and soul-stirring about slowing down to look for the magic in the mundane... The authenticity of our normal; everyday life is unspeakably beautiful. It is very important to me that our sessions are filled with things meaningful to you in this season of your life such as favorite clothes, special places, children’s most loved toys, favorite activities… All those details that are everything about who you are right now - tethering your precious memories to photographs. Our stories are so important to preserve for years (and generations) to come, and we will treasure these kinds of real-life images when we get there.

I am pretty solidly an introvert, and this translates into relaxed; laid back sessions that are based heavily on connections with your people and not a lot of structured posing. This works exceptionally well for families with small children, people who may feel nervous or uncomfortable in a heavily posed session, and individuals with special needs. I worked for years with hippotherapy and school special services and am especially familiar with sensory needs. I have also been an active member of our local babywearing community, was certified as a VBE through BWI, and am happy to help teach family and newborn clients how to use their carriers.

I love good music and fresh ice cream. Goals include traveling the world, building a tiny home, and raising chickens.